Why We Must Act

Palliative care should be a real option

“While 96 per cent of Canadians support hospice care for patients with end-stage illnesses, fewer than 30 per cent of all Canadian patients have access to them.”

Tom Koch, Consulting ethicist and gerontologist, Globe & Mail

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Ontario’s health care system performance ‘mixed:’ provincial agency report

One of the areas that needs to be improved in Ontario is “an inability to receive timely palliative care,” says Anna Greenberg, a vice president of Health Quality Ontario

CBC News

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Ontario falls short of hospice bed target

“Given a provincial population of 13.5 million, Ontario currently needs 1,300 hospice and palliative care beds”, said Dr. Jose Pereira, the director of research with the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Michael Swan, Catholic Register

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Palliative care benefits both patients and families

“Unfortunately, many patients and their loved ones are missing out on the benefits of palliative care. It’s common to see palliative care as a last resort. In reality, research has shown it offers the most benefit when started soon after the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness and alongside medical treatment.”

– Dr. Helen Senderovich, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Division of Palliative Care, and a physician focused on geriatrics, palliative care and pain medicine at Baycrest Health Sciences

The Toronto Star

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She knew palliative care. Then it hit home

“Doctors genuinely care. But many have not been taught how to talk about palliative care, death or end-of-life care with patients. They are not experts in the complexities of pain. And they are busy. Indeed, the very word — palliative — is misunderstood. In an ideal word, people would be referred to a palliative program early on in their illness journey. When symptoms can be relieved, and more living can be done, she says”.

Cheryl Clock, St. Catherine’s Standard

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What my dying wife and I never knew about palliative care

“Officially in Ontario, palliative care can begin at any point in the progress of the disease. However, according to the Canadian Cancer Society, about 40 per cent of cancer patients in the province do not receive any palliative assessment in the last year of their lives.”

Paul Adams, National Post

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