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Subject: Bill 182, Compassionate Care Act

Dear Premier Wynne and Minister Naqvi,

Thank you for your party’s support of Bill 182, the Compassionate Care Act. I was pleased that all parties were able to work together to give Bill 182 unanimous support on Second Reading in December. I understand that the bill has now been referred to the Standing Committee on General Government.

I call on your Government to strengthen its commitment to improving palliative care in our province.

Both Minister Eric Hoskins and his Parliamentary Assistant John Fraser have been doing excellent work to create and expand hospices in Ontario. Now I urge you to complete this important work so that palliative care can be made available for all who are in need in Ontario.

I know that only a limited number of private member’s bills will pass through committee and return to the Legislature this session. I ask that you and your Government prioritize Bill 182 so that it can pass Third Reading before the House rises.

Ontarians need this compassionate care now.


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